Blitt’s Journey, Part 4

“You should have told me,” Blitt shouted. “I even called in just to see if you would say something.”

“I had no clue, Blitt.” Danathan’s sincerity was evident, even through the blue tinting of the mag-sled’s holo-screen.

“She never showed any signs of Keeping while we were together,” Blitt revealed.

Danathan sighed. “I can’t hardly blame ya, kid, having your mind on other matters,” he said with a smile. He was joking, something he only did when he was embarrassed, caught out on something. He got serious again very quickly: “the girl is a looker. A deadly one, though, and we need to find her. You need to find her.”

“I need to find her, “Blitt repeated, almost simultaneously. “Look, Dan, I need to know what I’m dealing with here. It’s one thing to go on a simple mission, but now I’m tracking down ex-girlfriends with the newly revealed ability to use mind-tek. I think I deserve an explanation.”

“And I promised you one, so here it is.” Danathan sat up erect, like he had something important to say. “It’s not just candy we have you looking for.”

“Big surprise there,” Blitt mused.

“It’s something inside the candy, Blit. That’s what we’re after,” Danathan spoke seriously. “What do you know about the Ancient Tahn people?”

“Jeez, Dan. I got it. My old girlfriend is a magician. Ha ha.”

“No really, this is relevant. In fact, Pricilla may actually be helpful to us.”

“After what I did, I don’t think that’s the case anymore,” groaned Blitt.

“You’re not listening. Shut it, and pay attention. Damn it, I swear if your mouth shot bullets you’d be a one man infantry.”

Blitt sank back into his seat and listened to the rest of Danathan’s confessional.

“Priscilla’s presence here is not coincidental, as I’m sure you’ve already ascertained.“

Blitt interrupted, “What did you do?”

Danathan looked up at him, looking almost satisfied. “Not us, her father. But it’s good to know that you’ve still got feelings for her.” Blitt sat back in his seat again, dismayed with revealing feelings that he wasn’t even certain of yet. “I’m not sure if he actually arranged the kidnapping, or if he merely capitalized on the opportunity to get close to Briggan for some reason. You’re going to find out that reason if there is one, and more importantly why he acted as he did.”

“And get back the stuff that’s in the candy, “Blitt interjected.

“And the candy. But I’m rather sure it’s all related anyway.”

“If you want it, I’m sure it’s valuable. And if it’s valuable, then I’m god damned certain that Amsteel Reid wants it too.”

“I’m not going to get into details. You know all you need to know now, so go complete your mission.“ Danathan visibly relaxed within the rectangular frame of the holo-screen, but quckly perked up once more to attention and asked, “where are you to headed now, anyway?”

“Mercaster,” replied Blitt dryly, as he terminated the connection and set the mag-sled’s auto-pilot.


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